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🦜 motley of ṭatva and sacred division of jyotiśa, the ṭantra jyotiśa, Vāstu, position of planets and remedies. Ultimate secrets of Jyotiśa

🦜 motley of ṭatva and sacred division of jyotiśa, the ṭantra jyotiśa, Vāstu, position of planets and remedies

🦜 motley of ṭatva and sacred division of jyotiśa, the ṭantra jyotiśa, Vāstu, position of planets and remedies. Ultimate secrets of Jyotiśa

Jyotiśa is a very complex science, that requires regular studies and it was meant for spiritual elevation rather than material.  What we see today is different then what it was during its origin. It was based on certain deep spiritual aspects and carried the use of ṇakśatras. The study of ṭantra and jyotiśa is very beneficial if one can understand the nuances of these sciences. The remedies prescribed can only be understood when planets are understood properly.

In few points you will understand why certain planets are ascribed with certain results in jyotiśa.

🦜 Jupiter or Guru is a very important planet. It is important because it rules the primary ṭatva akas and brahmavīthī in Vāstu. It is deposited on head (The primary organ in body) and in deva upāsana it rules important part of Paṃcopacāra. In Vāstu, Covering the centre leads to lack of this primary ṭatva in house. It rules noble souls and when Jupiter is bad, you will have lack of Paramatmā ṭatva in body and you will suffer from Brahmin Srapa dośa. Jupiter ruling malefic bhava, with malefic planets and afflicted by Rahu etc. leads to this dośa. The person should worship Bhagwan Vishnu with flowers. Bad Jupiter results in weak medhā śakti and lack of prana in body.

🦜 Sani rules the vāyu ṭatva and it rules primary vāyu in body. Hence the reason for him being the ruler of death. Try to stop breath for few minutes and you will understand why Saturn is important. One will suffer from joint pains, vāyu vikāra, paranoia and multiple troubles if vāyu gets afflicted in body. A bad Sani represents a room without windows in Vāstu. Offering Dhupa to Ānjaneya Swami or Ayappa swami will help in this matter.

🦜Mars rules the agnī and it is placed in heart lotus in body. If there is no agnī, nothing will be assimilated by the body. Afflicting the south with Water in Vāstu leads to agnī mandhya dośa in body. It provides heat to blood and natural heating of the body is controlled by this planet. A cold body represents a weak mars that is why anaemic patients are subject to regular coldness in body. Offering Lamp to Ānjaneya Swami and Bhagwan Karthikeya will help in this matter. Donation of red clothes, feeding bulls are some of the options as well.

🦜 Venus rules the Jal ṭatva in body. It rules the power of assimilation and amrita of body. The person will be lack lustre, will have empty or bad kitchen in Vāstu, and bad clothes when Venus is bad. The person will appear dirty (even after bath) and will have dryness of skin. He will not show any interest in food and art. In short there will be no zeal in the person. Troubles with Venus requires offering of ṇaivedya to Mahādevī regularly. A person with bad Venus will be cursed by woman folk.

🦜 Mercury rules the primary assembly of all ṭatva. It is on lowest order and is the grossest of all material. The reason is hidden behind the spiritual thought that knowledge and spirituality are at two different ends. Knowledge will give impetus but will never make you spiritual. You have to shun your brain to achieve pārabrahma or true wisdom. A bad Mercury can lead to problems in North direction of the house. The person will be subject to nervous disorders, lack of studies, skin afflictions etc. The person suffering should offer Sandalwood to Bhagwan Ganesa regularly. 

In ṭantra the primary step is to dissolve the ṭatva and body in Paramatmā. Then a new body is created with base elements and this new body is fit for Sadhna. This is the most secretive part of ṭantra but if we understand it from jyotiśa point of view, then the whole ṭatva or planetary afflictions are dissolved at first step.

The Paṃcopacāra is nothing but assimilation of planets for propitiation of the para ḍevthas. Done properly every day, it can lead to lack of afflictions from planets.


The Divine Codes- Issue 3

Ththe-divine-codes-issue-3e Divine Codes- Issue 3


This is a untimely magazine which will carry Research articles on Sthapatya, Palmistry, Yoga, Ayurveda, Nadi Jyotish etc.

Table of Contents

Articles by Sri Guru Rajesh Guru Rajesh Kotekal, Sri Chiraan Chidambar , Sri Vinay Jha, Sri Jatinder Sandhu, Sri Sumanta Ghosal, Søulful Subhra, Sri Sastry Sastry Karra

• Astrology in ayurvedic classics 2
• Marital disharmony – an astrological analysis 10
• Punya rekha and its interpretation with vedic nadi jyotisa. 15
• Analysis of vitro fertilization(ivf) pregnancy in the light of astrology 21
• The riddle of karaka bhava nashaya (a mystical astrology principle) 33
• Age 32 – bsp rules analysis 44
• How to prepare food in a household? the vedic paak vidhi 54
• Badhak concept in new light. 61
• Dreams and moksha 66
• Prithvi tatwa: the laws of naturopathy 73
• Ten easy vastu tips that can make you wealthy 76
• Terror attack on uri 18 sep 2016 78
• Mushtika prasna: a troubled married life 83
• The good, the bad and the ugly: astrologers and soothsayers

DOWNLOADABLE AT https://archive.org/…/TheDivineCodesIssue3/The%20Divine%20C…


  • https://archive.org/details/TheDivineCodesIssue3

This organization was shaped, with plain but sincere desire for everyone to live in wholeness, purity and highest level of consciousness. Our sole idea is wholesome and purest conscious living for everybody. GCTR is a body; which comprises of people who are researching in the field of divine and art forms. This includes Astrology, Palmistry, Spirituality, Travelogues, Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic Numerology, Sthapatya, and other Art forms etc.

It is private body, but memberships are open. Anybody who has niche in such areas is most welcome in our family. There is no entry fee for the same. The only requirement is that you should have a sound knowledge of the subject.

“THE DIVINE CODES” magazine is a publication of our body and our members can contribute their articles and research for the same. It will be published regularly and it will remain free forever. Each article from its contributing members will also carry a photo and bio of the respective author.

The authors will also get exposure through three websites, social media, and publishing archives.

We welcome you to a voyage for love and peace.

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